The Country Ladybug

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Handmade Chocolate Treats  
Hand Painted Concrete Garden Items 

Our Hand painted Wine Glasses
* Are all dishwasher safe ( on top rack) or wash by hand DO NOT SOAK
* All our glasses are hand painted and baked on for a lasting finish that you can use daily
* We do other designs as well and would be happy to paint your special request​​​ 
* Our glasses are sold in pairs​​ & each glass is a full 18 oz.
The base is a silver to match the silver and black of the loon​
Both snowmen have snowflakes on the base and snow falling all around them​
have a red base with a flower a large ladybug on front and baby ones around the back​
Designs are listed in the drop down box to the right
$29.99 for a Set of 2​